icon_idIntegerA number identifying the icon.
vector_sizesList of vector size objectsContains the download URLs for the icon if the icon is vector format.
raster_sizesList of raster size objectsContains the download URLs and preview URLs for the icon in different sizes if the icon is raster format.
tagsList of stringsA list of tags for the icon.
stylesList of Style objectsInformation on the styles used in the iconset that the icon belongs to.
categoriesList of Category objectsInformation on the categories used in the iconset that the icon belongs to.
is_premiumBooleanTrue if icon is premium and False if it is free.
pricesListContains information about the price and license details of the icon.
is_purchasedBooleanTrue if the icon has already been bought.
published_atDateA timestamp indicating when the icon was made available for download.
typeIntegerAn integer indicating the icon type - 1 for vector formats and 0 for raster formats.
iconsetAn Iconset objectContains information about the iconset.
containersListList of container formats. Container formats are specialized icon formats containing possibly multiple raster sizes of an icon. Currently, the Windows specific ICO and Mac specific ICNS formats are supported. Also contains the download URLs for these formats.
is_icon_glyphBooleanTrue if the icon is made in glyph style.