If an error occurs, the API will respond with the appropriate HTTP status code and an error message object which contains an error code and a humanly readable message.

List of error codes

Error code

HTTP status code



400 Bad Request

The request was malformed.


400 Bad Request

The request was malformed. The query parameter parameter contains an invalid value.


401 Unauthorized

Invalid credentials were used to authenticate the request.


403 Forbidden

Permission to the requested resource was denied. This often means that a request should have been authenticated but was not.


403 Forbidden

The authentication used does not have the required permissions to access the requested resource. Make sure the authentication was performed with the necessary scope.


403 Forbidden

The premium resource you’re trying to access has not been purchased by the authenticated user.


404 Not Found

The requested resource does not exist or is not publicly available.


429 Too Many Requests

API request rate limit exceeded.

Known CORS issues

Sometimes calling the API from a browser fails during the CORS preflight request:
Reponse to preflight request doesn't pass access control check: It does not have HTTP ok status.

This can be solved by supplying Authorization header to the CORS preflight request.