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Search for Illustrations in the API

Hi Iconfinder team, Why are illustrations (<https://www.iconfinder.com/search/illustrations?price=free>) and search for illustrations not supported in the API? Your illustrations look amazing and supporting them in the API would unlock a lot more use cases. Thank you

search isn't available

After installing as the api npm docs mention I get 'Property 'search' does not exist on type 'SDK'.' How can I fix this?

In the List all icons in an icon set endpoint, the "query" param doesn't seem to work

Hey, I was trying to use the query parameter to search within icons in an icon set, using the API description on this page: <https://developer.iconfinder.com/reference/list-all-icons-in-an-icon-set> However, it looks like, no matter what I put into the "query" parameter, it doesn't change the output. In other words, search doesn't seem to work even though the doc says it should. Is this a bug in the API endpoint description, or a bug in the API itself? Thanks!

Icon Sets Pagination Inquiry

I'm working on a personal application in which I am using Iconfinder for a number of categorical displays for user-generated tasks. I would like to give the user as much freedom of choice as possible when deciding which icon they would like to use to define the type of task they are creating. I've used the "List all public Icon Sets" request to display all icon sets; however, I noticed the count parameter only accepts an integer value up to 100. Is it fair to assume that there are only 100 icon sets in existence in this case or would it be possible to also include a pagination parameter? I'm hoping I could load all icon sets into the application, then display 10-20 on a single page and incorporate pagination for the user.

What powers the API docs?

Is this a custom written Python app or is it something else?